Northbrook College Sussex Staff Conference

21st December 2012 may not have marked the apocalypse, but it did mark my last ever staff conference with Northbrook College Sussex. The subject of this year’s event was ILT in Education.

This is a very important subject for all college and it is essential to have a well defined ILT policy. Now well into the 21st century colleges must keep up with technological innovations to enhance the learning experience.

The first workshop I chose was entitled Using social media for promotion by Andy Halliday. Andy focused on the use of Facebook to promote his Music Flexible Learning Area and had some good ideas that I could relate to promoting the learning centre at City College Brighton and Hove when I start my new job with them in January 2013.

My first point of note is that the learning centre should have its own Facebook page and that it should be kept simple. The page would act as a group which learners and staff members are added to at their request. All learning centre staff could contribute to its content. This will act as a place to post all sorts of learning centre related information.

Recommended content is listed below:

Photographs of the learning centre to promote the space;
Subject specific links to outside web pages;
General study skills related links;
Links to staff members learning blogs;
A students’ progress reports forum for what students do after college;
A new books and journals section;
Subject specific displays and events.

I feel a learning resources group will be an excellent way to promote the centre, provide a meeting place for students and staff to interact and a way to obtain user feedback to better develop the centre.

My second workshop of the day was Twitter 101 presented by Lisa Perry. This was a very basic workshop on how to use Twitter. I have known for some time that Twitter can be an essential aid for all information professionals if utilised correctly. One thing I have discovered since researching how Twitter can be used by libraries is that everyone seems to use it differently.

I have now clarified in my own mind exactly how I will focus my Twitter usage. I feel the most efficient use will be as a tool for sharing ideas, knowledge and troubles with other information professionals across all learning sectors. As a promotional tool I will promote the learning centre Facebook page, new journals and books, specific journal articles and all online resources.

Twitter provides a way to interact and to have group discussions, and a way to acquire a snapshot of what is happening in the world at any given moment.

This post has been thrown together as I am off to York for Christmas imminently. I hope I have shared some good ideas and please comment if you would like me to elaborate, or if you have any ideas of your own to share.


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I am a Brighton based information professional. This blog is a place for me to develop my learning log and for my musings on interesting library and book happenings. Peace and love to you all. Please enjoy every day.
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