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I am a Brighton based information professional. This blog is a place for me to develop my learning log and for my musings on interesting library and book happenings. Peace and love to you all. Please enjoy every day.

Share + Inspire

Share and Inspire: the headline of my recent CPD event on using technology in education. As always, I checked my cynicism at the door, loaded up on free tea, cakes and biscuits, and settled in to be inspired. Speakers from … Continue reading

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The reference interview – a quick guide

Wikipedia defines a reference interview as a conversation between a librarian and a library user in which the librarian responds to the user’s initial explanation of their information need by first attempting to clarify that need and then by directing … Continue reading

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Northbrook College Sussex Staff Conference

21st December 2012 may not have marked the apocalypse, but it did mark my last ever staff conference with Northbrook College Sussex. The subject of this year’s event was ILT in Education. This is a very important subject for all … Continue reading

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A realisation about library signage

After a recent seminar I attended on e-resources for further education, see below post, and a re-watching of the excellent 1980 series The Shock of the New written and presented by Robert Hughes, I have come to two conclusions. Firstly, … Continue reading

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UKSG E-Resources for Further Education On the 5th December 2012 I attended a UKSG seminar in London. As proclaimed by the event summary, the purpose of this event was to discuss how to successfully promote your e-resources. I was very excited to attend this … Continue reading

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Library Day in the Life – Day 1

I have decided to join in the Library Day in the Life project and I will start the first of my 5 daily posts when I start my new job in January 2013.

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My development starts here!

This blog is going to form my learning log as I develop as an information professional and be a way for me to reflect on my achievements working as an assistant systems librarian at City College Brighton and Hove.

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